Jeffrey Davidson, DDS

Dr. Davidson has been practicing in El Dorado County since 1990. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) from University of the Pacific’s School of Dentistry. Since earning his degree, he has devoted thousands of hours to continuing education courses so that he can provide innovative, quality care for his patients. Even outside Above the Gate Dentistry, Dr. Davidson is always working hard and helping others—he seems to find endless projects that need to be done. When he does make time to have some fun, he spends it hiking, boating, snowboarding, motorcycle riding, and going on epic adventures with his wife, five kids, and recently born grandchildren. His team loves his amazing work ethic! 

Bryan Tuttle, DDS

Dr. Tuttle became a partner in the practice in 2004 after receiving his Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) from University of the Pacific’s School of Dentistry. As a technology enthusiast, he loves to stay up on everything that's new: from evaluating dental instruments and products to advising and teaching labs and other dentists. Most of his time Dr. Tuttle spends working diligently to keep the teeth of El Dorado County happy and healthy by using predictable techniques and advanced equipment. Outside of the office, he loves finding adventures to share with his friends and family, especially when those adventures include hiking to local waterfalls!  His team loves having his thorough and ambitious personality at our office! 

Brock Davidson, DDS

Dr. Brock has joined our practice in 2019 after studying with the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry (same school as above, with a new name). El Dorado County has a special place in his heart, and he is very glad to be back from the big City to serve his hometown. Dr. Brock has recently participated in elite, up-to-date hands-on training of dental techniques and technology, and he is ready to bring his expertise and hard-working attitude here to Above the Gate Dentistry. He is an excellent husband and an eager father of one boy, and one on the way. Please help us welcome Dr. Brock! 

These are the smiling faces that greet you

Their attention to detail gets you the most out of your visit and your benefits. 

Brier's favorite part about being in dentistry is the connection that she makes with clients and coworkers; she holds strong opinions about baseball teams and eating healthy. 

Montana is the classiest farm girl you'll meet. She appreciates the opportunities she has every day to work one-on-one helping people with their health and their smile. 

Shain created and designed the environment that surrounds us at both offices. She keeps our space inviting, safe, and comfortable. 

Lacey can really do it all. You might see her as you walk in the front door, she may show up at the chair to help the doctors, and she is always running the whole show, behind the scenes. 

Lindsay's smile will light up your visit to our Diamond Springs office. She is an excellent golfer and instructor, and she will coach you through making the most of your dental benefits and keeping your smile healthy. 

You have never seen a "Team clean" like this

Gentle, thorough, and always smiling behind those masks.

Emily absolutely loves living up here among the pines and the El Dorado County people. Her kind and comprehensive approach to cleaning teeth and to treating people well is the stuff of legend. 

Rebecca carries on a long family tradition of working and teaching in the dental field. She not only takes great care of ATG people; she also instructs the next gen of dental care professionals. 

Amy squeezes time into her busy-with-kids-and-activities life to see her dedicated dental clients. She is also an excellent leader and teacher for other dental pros. 

Shannon is a local cowgirl and we are lucky to have her as on of our great hygienists. She is a repeat world-champion quarter-horse rider, and she brings her dedication to excellence to every smile she encounters.  

Katie starts and ends every day smiling; sometimes we don't know how she does it! A highly-requested, personable and caring hygienist.

Anna is another Renaissance-woman who manages to excel at family, friends, and helping smiles. Her clients appreciate her positive attitude and thorough work.  

the chair-side care-side 

This team of experts has your safety and comfort as their top priority.

Sierra is another Renaissance-woman that you may see wearing many "hats" here at ATG. She is an excellent resource if you have questions about dental benefits, or about what the heck the doctor just said. 

Kristina is one of the main reasons that things are running so smoothly around here. Her ability to keep us organized and her attention to detail is appreciated by all. 

Julie has become an expert in patient comfort and safety. She loves to learn and she enjoys the connections that have come from her years in dentistry. 

Brittany is one of the friendliest people you'll meet! She is another amazing team member that can help you out virtually anywhere in our practice, or with life, in general.