• Jeffrey Davidson, DDS

  • Bryan Tuttle, DDS


Our Team is Ready to Help You...

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How we do it:

  • A comfortable place

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    We know you don't want to be in this chair, no matter how comfortable the leather. We have transformed what it feels like to come to the dentist. Come experience it with us!

  • A dedicated team

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    Have you ever worked with people who truly love what they do? Come let us show you that healthy, beautiful smiles are our passion!

  • Providing premier care

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    Great dentistry is a team effort - and you are a key member of this team. To your willingness to keep a healthy, happy smile, we will add our expertise and top technology to help you meet your goals!

  • That fits your schedule

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    Why would you come see us, if it was difficult to find us? We have two great locations for your convenience, and we try to be there for you whenever we can.

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